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Modern Data Infrastructure designed to encompass commonality, flexibility, and availability

ALFA has a multitude of applications to suit the needs of an organisation in data management. The solution can be applied to any organisation of any size.

Integration Layer & Analytics

Low-code, highly flexible, consistent, validated, cost-effective framework for sourcing data from multiple different systems with guaranteed data quality. 

Regulatory Reporting

Write reporting models with complex rules embedded in the model without thinking about technology. Models registered centrally, managed decentrally to facilitate agile development. 

On-Prem & Cloud Data Quality

 Purpose-built data quality solution to enforce data integrity checks at the source with minimal latency and no change to underlying applications. 

Cloud Migration

Deploy to Cloud or multiple different Clouds with control of data at all times, including data versioning and location. 

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Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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Decision Maker / CxO level

See why decision makers choose ALFA to unifies the Data governance
requirements with Agile Software
Development practices. Lower cost with reusable code libraries used across the cross-asset-class system

Product Owner

See why users use technology-enabled, ease to use and flexible data modelling tools. One authoritative source of data element across multiple source systems - with guaranteed data quality. 

IT Architect /
Data Modeller

 Seamless integrate with client data and existing architectures including legacy systems - with no need for extra hardware or software upgrade.

IT Engineer

See why software engineers, quants acccelerates application-delivery times by allowing an enterprise to create apps through a configuration of the model rather than by coding those objects and functions. 

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