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Holistic Data Infrastructure

Extract the most value from your data by putting data models, engineering, and stakeholder engagement at the core of your technology agenda that provides easy and timely access to consistent, controlled and trusted data.

Outcome-based solution

Traditionally, organisations have no standard approach to data modelling, for example, fragmented data Infrastructure, inadequate data quality controls, application teams working in data silos, and focus on technology and less on data. ALFA platform is considered as 40% Data modelling, 40% Engineering, and 20% stakeholder engagement giving clients immediate benefits of unified and agile data-driven development.

Encourage Collaboration

Provide collaboration platform within the Enterprise to realize agile-at-scale

Evolutionary, not revolutionary

Easily integrated with client data and existing architectures including legacy systems while enabling innovation and Engineering excellence.

Guarantee data quality

A first in the market to comprehensively capture and enforce reusable data quality rules at the time data is being produced with no changes to underlying applications. 

Accelerate IT delivery

The platform accelerates application delivery times by allowing an enterprise to create applications through model configuration rather than by coding those objects and functions

Control of data to the user

Developers and Quants adhere to the data model and APIs enforced by the compiler. 

Models consistently maintained between design and production

what the user defined is what is used in business logic.

Reduces cost

Reusable code libraries used across the cross-asset-class system. Significant time saved to introduce new attributes and data feeds.

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