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Holistic Data Infrastructure

ALFA enables you to extract the most value from your data by putting data models, engineering, and stakeholder engagement at the core of your technology agenda. ALFA’s unified approach creates the foundation that provides you with easy and timely access to consistent, controlled and trusted data.

Data Model-as-a-Service & APIs

Enables the creation of dynamic, consistent, controlled, versioned, and reusable data models. Navigable documentation helps socialize models.

Developers adhere to the data model and APIs and generated code enforced by code compilers.

Data Model Transform & Import

ALFA transform functionality helps convert between model objects and help visualise data lineage.
The import tools migrates existing models from XML Schema,  PowerDesigner, or Databases​

See complete view of organisational data models across data product boundaries
Data model hierarchy visualisation
See impact of changes to models when releasing new versions
View model to model object transformations with complete lineage information

Data Model Validation

ALFA’s in-built data validation guarantees data is complete and accurate in the Producer at creation time.
To aid with functional testing, tests can be defined alongside model definitions and test coverage reports are generated for quality assurance.

Cloud Accelerate

ALFA captures data and services in a platform agnostic manner enabling the definitions to be used to generate code that support on-premise or cloud vendor based solutions.

The toolset not only help you accelerate the move to cloud but provide consistency and repeatability.

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