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ALFA Community is freely available to download and runs on all major platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux, and macOS.

Command line tools and code generators to Java and Apache Avro is supported in this version. 

All documentation is available at:


Engineer applications by consuming ALFA models

  • All ALFA code generators (Java, C#, Python, TypeScript, HTML etc)

  • CLI and Apache Maven Plugin for ALFA

  • ALFA Runtime libraries for supported languages and utilities

  • 1-year subscription to new versions, support and maintenance

  • Includes use of the Product within a Build Server


Complete ALFA data modelling toolset

  • In addition to Engineer, ALFA IDE/Web & Studio is included

  • UML-based live documentation and browsing

  • Run ALFA testcases and test coverage in the browser

  • GIT and SSO integration

  • Cloud or on-premised hosted infrastructure


Schemarise also provides consultancy services on data modelling, governance and model driven engineering to help you on your Data Architecture Transformation journey.

Need an evaluation before you commit?

Proof of Concept

For implementations that require a deep-dive to evaluate against your use-cases, we offer a

2 month license with additional support.

£599 one-off fee for 2 months

Full product suite

Unlimited users

20 hours onsite/remote consultancy

Dedicated onboarding contact ​

Get Started for Free

Sign up by completing the form below.

We will email you a license and detailed instructions on how to get started!

Thank you for your request. We will be in touch within 24hrs.


Licenses applications developed for internal use within the licensed organisation, to use ALFA Engineer or ALFA Modeller in perpetuity.

Modeller license includes the Engineer license features.

  • Includes a 1-year subscription to new versions, support and maintenance.

  • Seat base licensing. Users within the license count are unnamed. All users expecting to use ALFA Engineer or Modeller would need to be added to the license count.

  • Developers building applications by consuming libraries generated off ALFA models and using the ALFA runtime libraries need to be added to the Engineer license count, unless they are included in a Modeller license count.

  • A license is bound to the organisational team/unit and cannot be reused by those outside that team/unit.

  • We aim to respond to support requests within 24 hours. We operate on business days only between 9am and 5pm GMT.

Licensing Timelines

Perpetual License

When you purchase ALFA Engineer or ALFA Modeller you are granted a license to use a version of the product in perpetuity. There are no further charges until you choose to extend your license to cover newer versions.

Please note that while use of the software is perpetual, Support and Corrective Maintenance are not. We do not provide issue resolution to versions older than 12 months. We roll bug fixes, performance enhancements and other improvements into new releases; we do not patch, fix or in any way alter older versions.

1-year subscription to new versions

When you make a purchase you get a subscription to license new versions of ALFA Engineer or Modeller for 365 days. After 365 days you will no longer be able to license the latest versions without renewing your subscription.  You can continue to use your licensed versions in perpetuity.

Subscription Renewal (optional)

At the end of your subscription period you will no longer be able to license the latest versions of ALFA Engineer or ALFA Modeller or access support without renewing.

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